Monday , June 21 2021

Joanna Racewicz also took part in # 10yearschallenge and showed the old picture. "This girl is boldly in front of the Christmas tree because she thinks she needs"

Polish stars took on the challenge # 10YearsChallenge, which has overwhelmed social media around the world in recent days. Let us remind you that the action is to publish your current picture and compare it to 10 years ago. Joanna Racewicz, who set up her own for over 10 years and showed a picture of her childhood, also joined the fun. It quickly turned out that she had some explanation for that.

Joanna Racivitz remembers childhood

Joanna's comparison of more than 10 years gave her a rather extensive record in which she turned to the treatment of little girls. At this stage, it is worth adding that we can only see the old picture for a few years – Racewicz, posing in an elegant Christmas tree gown.

I'll give a lot to hug that little girl who did not want a picture or a too short dress. He stands boldly in front of the Christmas tree because he thinks it should. Because kindhearted girls listen to the elderly because they need because it falls out because help disappears. It took years to realize that freedom is an agreement for oneself. It's the courage to say "no" when it's awkward. And joy when you can start and finish the day with one of the most beautiful words: "thank you". This is my # over 10 years, "she writes.

Post Racewicz met with the positive reception of his observers. Internet users gave the journalist a donation for the old children's education.

But it's written by the heart. I know this child's feeling. And now? I'm just starting to build myself, to find myself. Thank you for those words. Give me hope.

Dear Mrs. Ioasia, I think we had such an education. Living in France, I quickly realized that "to be polite" is not useful to me. Now, with age, maturity and experience, I learn assertiveness and freedom!

Oh, yeah, it is true. I think that they cultivated us so much and then I went a long way to understand this freedom – we read in the comments.

Do you agree with Joann Racewicz on this issue?


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