Sunday , June 13 2021

Kisshoff Pilak's friend is real beauty. Her photos beat the internet

Krzysztof Pisket is a really lucky man. His dream came true and he went to Milan for 35 million euros. The player is also in a happy relationship, and his partner is really handsome.

Friend of Krzysztof Pilak. Who is he?

Krzysztof Pią tek contacted Paulina Procyk at the time he played for Zagłębie Lubin. Beauty is four years older than him and he is a lawyer in education.


The 27-year-old is very active in social media. At her Instagram, we've found many interesting pictures to see how lovers spend their time together. There are also slips and photos in bikini.

Paulina Procyk also often shows the brand's styling and accessories. So it can strive for the role of an influential. It seems to us that they will soon be known as Anna Lewandowska, Marina and Sarah Boruk.


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