Thursday , September 23 2021

Kukiz & # 39; 15 turned into a political party? Kukiz is not ambiguous

Last Friday, MP Marek Jakubiak decided to leave Kukiz & # 39; 15. A week ago, the Kukiz club '15 also left MP Jakub Kulesza, who joined the Freedom Janusz Korwin-Mikke party. Last year, MP Adam Andruszkiewicz left the club. Jakubiak at the end of October on Twitter kindly stated about the two deputies. Kukiz reacts with the following article: "Marek, follow them, if you want them to be fine!"

At the beginning of last week, said Jakubiak – referring to the situation in Kukiz & 15 – that "spinning around inefficient organizations under the association title could only cause a deterioration in the situation." – I will only arrange Kukiz '15 and become a party. If someone doesn't want to be at a party, he will be in association – said Jakubiak.

Kukiz announced today on Trójka radio that "there is absolutely no choice for the Kukiz movement" 15 to become a political party ". – Yes, nothing and nothing will. Like that without me. I prefer not to exceed the Sejm limit rather than give up the basic postulate, that is, "burden" the country through political change and not take, as I say, taxpayer money under pressure from his pocket – Kukiz stressed.

On the question of whether Kukiz & # 39; would draw a recommendation for Marek Jakubiak, who sat on the VAT investigation committee, the traffic leader replied that Jakubiak did not perform any functions at the club. – Today we held a club and club meeting decided – he said. Asked whether Jakubiak had to stop his recommendations, Kukiz repeated that the club would decide. – I am not a dictator who will decide for a club, what we must do in certain situations – he stressed.


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