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Magda Nashega took off her bra? A star at a disco congratulates the warmth of the tub!


The bravest photo of Magda Narozhna is available online ?! The singer showed a picture of the bathtub


Magda Nashega, one of the hottest, and at the same time the most hit-nets of disco-polo in the last weeks, is everyone. Information about her personal life and her stay in the hospital met with the interest of many hostels and fans, who carefully watch what is happening with the star of the dance music! Keep in mind that Magda's photo did not run – the star is staring at her in the tub!

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The disco singer does not cease to surprise her credit, Instagram, where she regularly shares photos, informing her about what's happening. Currently Magda with friends he stays in the spa, where the batteries are charged.

A hotel with attractions such as a swimming pool, sauna or whirlpool is an ideal optionto show your beautiful body. Here's what Magda Narodza did.

Magda shared his photo on the net! Two very hot and seductive photographs warmed not only the disco-pop music lovers, but also a group of people who watched her. On one picture we can see the outline of the singer's body in the disco-pole, and on the other half the Magda Narrowing in a large bathtub.

Especially this second picture attracted the attention of the Magda fans who envied her for such a relaxation. Such a stay in the spa will certainly be useful to Magda Nashega after her stay at the hospital.

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Look at how the queen of the disco looks in brave pictures. Is this the most beautiful singer of polo?


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