Thursday , September 23 2021

Pensions have been increasing since October. The effect of 500+ and a reduction in income tax

According to Super Express, retirees should look forward to October because then they will start new government social programs. The most important of these is 500+ for people with disabilities – once the Senate amendments to the bill are passed, it will cover the oldest.

The program entitles older people over 75 to receive the lowest pension for periods of insurance and disability of up to PLN 1100 gross (PLN 935 per hand).

However, "500+ for retirees" is converted on the basis of "PLN for PLN", so if the income exceeds the threshold of PLN 1100, the new benefit will be reduced by a surplus. Therefore, if a senior is guaranteed a PLN 1200 gross pension, he will receive PLN 400 from the new program. Therefore, the upper limit of other benefits is PLN 1600 gross.

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All pensioners and retirees will also be included in the income tax reduction. It will be 17 percent from October. (18% so far), which in practice means that if you receive benefits at a minimum of PLN 1100 gross, an additional PLN 11 will remain in your pocket.

"500 plus retirees" in 2019. How can seniors rely on extra money?

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retired.They were promised to completely abolish the pension tax, and that 17%, for what? Cent has risen so much that we will receive a much lower pension than before … Read it all

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