Monday , September 27 2021

President Andrzej Duda will not avoid the possibility of questioning about the KNF. Dera: I'm sure he will appear in front of every prosecutor

– If the prosecutor's office considers, not Mr. Giertych, that you need to hear the president, the president will surely appear before each prosecutor, in front of each judge, because he is a citizen of this country – said Andrzej Zera, President's Advisor to Radio ZET.

When asked by Joanna Komolka if Andrzej Duda still had trust in his deputy at KNF Zdzisław Sokal, he assured that there was no reason for his dismissal.

– Yes, nothing has changed. The president spoke with Pak Sokal, it was a face-to-face conversation, he was told about what actions he took – emphasizing Dera. He reminded that he was also the head of the Bank Guarantee Fund, which intervened in the right situation and paid money in the event of a bank failure.

Asked for the next cassette, which tomorrow will go to the prosecutor's office, and from where according to Roman Giertych should show that representatives of state offices confirmed that they knew about the so-called "Zdzisław Plan" – the bank's takeover of PLN 1, would be explained by the prosecutor's office.

– As far as activities are concerned, they are in accordance with the law, but the mechanism must be clarified whether there is extortion here – claiming to be on ZET Radio Andrzej Dera.

Let us remind you that after the KNF scandal broke, the president admitted in an interview with money. I said that "disturbing signals arrived at him".

– My representative consulted me about his actions, I advised him to be careful. For me what mainly means taking care of the interests of people who have savings in these banks. This is the most important for me. Shareholders, Mr. Czarnecki, of course, but above all, everyone who is trusted in these banks has deposited their money. I am sure that Mr. Zdzisław Sokal acts in this way. And what he tried to accuse himself, that is, the willingness to act in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Bank Guarantee Fund Act, only confirmed – said the president.

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patriotThis will definitely be in two years or will be taken away !!!!!!

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MOKTERA grumbled ……. ……. ……. DERA

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crapAnd he will talk about lights!

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