Saturday , May 8 2021

Seym for the Law on maintenance of VAT rates of 23% and 8%.

The amendment to the act adopting the extension of the existing VAT rates was adopted by the Sejm on Thursday. In accordance with the applicable regulations, rates of 23 and 8 percent should have been applied by the end of 2018.

217 deputies voted against, 20 were against, one abstained.

Stormy discussion

Prior to the vote, there was a short, but turbulent discussion in which the opposition accused the government of failing to comply with the announcement to reduce VAT rates to 22 percent and 7 percent. Paula Nowogesna reproduced a fragment of the exhibition of Prime Minister Beata Szydło from the rostrum announcing lower taxes.

Jerzy Meysztowicz (Nowoczesna) called on Kukiz Club 15 to withdraw the ballots, because only at the break of the quorum there was a chance that the project would not be accepted. Deputy Prime Minister Stanisław Tisska (Kukes 15) said that while his club had low taxes, he would not withdraw the cards because MPs would vote.

VAT rates

The changes adopted by the Sejm suggest a rate of 23%. and 8%, as well as a 7% flat tax refund for farmers. and a flat rate for taxpayers providing personalized tax services at the rate of 4%. they will apply from 1 January 2019 until the end of the year following the year in which certain debt-to-GDP conditions are met.

The first of these conditions implies that government debt, reduced by the amount of money the ministry has on its accounts, will remain above 43%. GDP. The second condition implies that the gap between the public finance deficit and the target that Poland is committed to aiming for will be more than 6%. GDP.

Deputy Finance Minister Philippe Suitala announced on Wednesday in the Seyme that the indicators adopted by the Ministry of Finance will allow for the reduction of VAT rates to 22%. and 7%. this will most likely be possible in 2019.

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