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Slag. PGE Extraliga. Motor – fiber: a volcano of immense emotions and split points in Lublin! (Ratio)


The great weight of the match Speed ​​Car Motor – forBET Włókniarz was dedicated to everyone from start to finish. In a match full of contradictions, warnings and fierce fighting, 45:45 was drawn after beating the hosts 5-1 in the 15th round.

Tomasz Janiszewski

Tomasz Janiszewski

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/ Michal Desire
/ In the photo: On the leading Gregory Chaguta, behind him is Paweł Miesiąc

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The poor posture and problems with the variety of Gorzów Steel's true works, as well as the home defeat by MRGARDEN GKM Grudziądz on Friday, made this for the two teams facing Aleje Zygmuntowskich, this clash seemed extremely important. As you know, Motor is interested in the Steel and Włókniarz results, in turn the GKM results. The points that were available on the runway in Lublin theoretically weighed the same, but in practice … more. The end of the main circle is fast approaching. Emotions could not be missing. And it was not missing.

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The race immediately began with a repulsion and a large dose of fireworks. Paweł Przedpełski, who this season may talk about the curse of the match-opening race (9 zeros out of 12 such races), this time on "good morning" won the start and started to run to the finals, but came to it … third . He was overcome by Andreas Johnson, a predator, both in his prime years, and fellow couple Leon Madsen. After a while, the youth of Speed ​​Car Motors gave a concert that won 5-1, and the stands began to boil with joy.

And this was only the beginning of the impressions in the first series, which lasted a total of half an hour. In the third performance, Judge Michal Sasien made a very controversial decision, without excluding Grigory Shaguti from fighting the attack against Adrian Medzinski. The Russian may have crossed the two-wheeler line, but still avoids punishment. In the fourth gear Michal Gruczalski accidentally caused his fall and Victor Lampart. The goats seized the opportunity and cut the Lions, leading by 15: 9.

In addition, Sassien had his hands full throughout the evening. There were warnings and reminders, besides the falls, many starts were interrupted. There was no shortage of dispute and there was a lot of nervousness in the air. In the second series, the residents of Czestochowa showed a little more peace and began to compensate for the losses. In the fifth race, Przepelski and Madsen rode flawlessly and defeated Chaguta and Dawid Lampart. The guests quickly noticed that in Lublin they could try for a good result, which is already evidenced by the results of other visiting teams.

The engine gave the impression that again it could not fully adapt to the conditions of the track. This was especially true of taaguta, who had no chance of dueling with Madsen and the reborn Fredrik Lindgren, who was the player they wanted to see in every Czestochowa match. The most effective of the locals was Mikel Mikelsen, who was quick and very confident in his actions.

Most of the time, the result fluctuated around the draw, no one could jump for a sure advantage and the dreams of winning a Motor Bonus began to dissipate very quickly. There was no shortage of heavy duels. In the ninth race, Miedzynski presented the stands of Paweł Tryb, who failed to catch up with the rider. In the eleventh race, Motoru did not catch up with Pszchedelski and Vloknyartz, who avoided a six-point loss.

It turned out that Lwów's key player turned out to be Bistrzica, for whom reservations have been around for quite some time. Matthew Tan, with his colleagues, won the thirteenth and fourteenth races twice (the triumph in the nominee interrupted his twelve-start series without three in the PGE Ekstralidze), and the visitors took the lead 44:40.

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The silence at the stadium was overwhelming and it was even more so when I saw the cast of the final run. Madson and Lindgren performed well on a cool evening, but this time they were surprised. Michelsen and Chagut faced the task, made a sensational performance on the first turn and, in less than a minute, determined the outcome of the match for 45:45.

They will be dissatisfied with both. Speed ​​Car Motor certainly focuses on winning at least two "eyes" and thus puts pressure on the real work of Steel. forBET Włókniarz could feel his blood flow at the moment, and after heavy strokes at the end of the match, he already had a rival on the boards, which caused even more heartbreak in Grudziądz. The 45:45 result seems to be for Lviv, who can take the blind before the meeting.


Speed ​​Lublin motor car – 45
9. Andreas Johnson – 4 (3,1,0,0, -)
10. Paweł Miesiąc – 7 (0,3,2,1,1)
11. Gregory Chaguta – 9 + 2 (* 1 * 1,3,2,2)
12. Dawid Lampart – 4 (2,0,1,1)
13. Mikel Mikelsen – 12 + 1 (3.2.1 *, 3.3)
14. Wiktor Trofimow jr – 4 + 1 (3,0,1 *)
15. Wiktor Lampart – 5 + 1 (2 & # 39 ;, 1,2,0)

byBET Włókniarz Częstochowa – 45
1. Leon Madsen – 11 + 1 (2.2 * 3.3.1)
2. Paweł Przedpełski – 6 + 1 (1 * 3,0,2)
3. Adrian Medzinski – 6 + 1 (0,1,3, W, * 2)
4. Fredrik Lindgren – 10 (3,3,1,3,0)
5. Matthew Tan – 11 + 1 (2,2,2,2 & # 39 ;, 3 & # 39;)
6. Yakub Mishoyak – 0 (0,0,0)
7. Michal Gruczalski – 1 (1 ,, 0)
8. Damian Dróżdż – he was not racing

Speed ​​after launch:
1. (68,20) Johnson, Madsen, Przedpełski, Month – 3: 3 – (3: 3)
2. (68.04) Trofimov Jr., W. Lampart, Gruczalski, Mishkoyak – 5: 1 – (8: 4)
3. (67.58) Lindgren, D. Lampart, Shaguta and Middinsky – 3: 3 – (11: 7)
4. (67.16) Mickelsen, Sugar, Lampart, Gruczalski (w / su) – 4: 2 – (15: 9)
5. (67.32) Przedpelski, Madsen, Shaguta, D. Lampart – 1: 5 – (16:14)
6. (67.62) Lindgren, Mickelsen, Miedzinski, Trofim Jr. – 2: 4 – (18:18)
7. (67.52) Moon, Zagar, Jonsson, Miśkowiak – 4: 2 – (22:20)
8. (67.34) Madsen, W. Lampart, Mickelsen, Przepelski – 3: 3 – (25:23)
9. (68.08) Medzinski, Moon, Lindgren, Johnson – 2: 4 – (27:27)
10. (67.32) Chaguta, Zahar, D. Lampart, Gruczalski – 4: 2 – (31:29)
11. (67.78) Mickelsen, Przepelski, Moon, Medzinski (4) – 4: 2 – (35:31)
12. (66.92) Madsen, Shaguta, Trofimov, Jr., Mishoyak – 3: 3 – (38:34)
13. (67.78) Lindgren, Zachariah, D. Lampart, Johnson – 1: 5 – (39:39)
14. (67.60) Zagar, Miedziński, Month, W. Lampart – 1: 5 – (40:44)
15. (67.28) Mickelsen, Shaguta, Madsen, Lindgren – 5: 1 – (45:45)

judge: Michał Sasień
Tracking Commissioner: Maciej Głód
attendance: 9,812 (set comprising about 300 Czestochowa men)
NB: 67.16 pp. – Mikel Mikelsen Obtained Heat 4.
Starting kit: II
Unit result: 97:83 for Fence, who scored the bonus point.

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