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So many cashiers in Biedronka and Lidl win without money! See the latest net prices – 26/01/2019

– Although at the lowest levels of the hierarchy, they build our impressions of the brand. The work of the cashier is difficult, often physically heavy. Market reports show, however, that cashier pay increases steadily and employers introduce career development programs, he stresses. Rafal Nohana, Managing Director of

The police teams in Poland are highly feminized. According to experts on the site 8 out of 10 cashiers are women. Interestingly, women dominate among grocery managers (61%) and their deputies (66%).

According to data from the site their average monthly salary is 2000 PLN net. Best paid specialists, on the other hand, receive salaries of almost half – 2900 zł net. For comparison, the average salary of the vendor in the automotive industry is PLN 3100 and the grocery store manager – 4600 PLN net.

Higher incomes are available from stores in the largest cities and the most developed regions, as well as from major retail chains.

Due to the high turnovers of the cashier's positions, the employee's advantage is an internship exceeding 2-3 years in one place.

Higher salaries are offered by cashiers, eg. IT, automotive or home appliances.

The minimum wage will increase from 2019.

Treasurers receive benefits more and more frequently. What? See the next page.

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