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Steam labs. Experimental solutions for players

Steam employees create behind the scenes millions of experimental features such as the Peabody recommendation system or organize your Steam library using Morse code. For the first time all these experimental projects will go to one place, Steam labs where you can read them, give your opinion on whether they are useful – and if so, describe the direction in which their development should go.

– A Steam Laboratory welcomes us with this introduction.

After announcing a new appearance of a store and application, time is about something else – experimental additions. The Valve initiative is to allow platform users to take advantage of new, inaccessible solutions to help them reach new, undetected games.

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And although the introduction talks about the work of millions of different functions, Valve currently has three experimental additions in its Steam Labs:


steam laboratories

Six-second gaming trailers placed on a transparent page that offers access to many categories and several ways to display them. Depending on the experiment you selected, you can watch the messages one by one (the mouse pointer), in rows or by scrolling the page. You can find the collection of gaming trailers on the Steam microsweb page.

Interactive Advisor

steam laboratories

Thanks to machine training, the virtual counselor will review the games you play most often and draw up a list of recommendations that you will like about algorithms and artificial intelligence. Title suggestions will change with additional options. This includes, among other things, determining how popular these games are, how much time they've spent, and what kind they are. So you can find out what kind of shooting made in the last 10 years will be perfect for you. Recommendations can be found on the Interactive Steam consultant's websites.

An automatic show

steam laboratories

Half-hourly materials dedicated to the latest Steam titles are automatically generated using a dedicated bot. In the future, Valve would like these types of presentations to be created without human intervention, which will allow frequent broadcasting without the need to monitor the entire process. The first video generated on July 9th can be found on the Auto Show pages.

I have to admit that these experiments do not make any special impression at the moment, but I hope Valve will prepare enough interesting solutions in time to come up with the new version of the app, which beta testing will begin this summer.

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