Tuesday , May 18 2021

Tesla abandons Nvidia systems and presents the specification of its FSD chip

A slight blow in the nose of the green. During Autonomy Investors Day, Tesla introduced its Full Chip (FSD), which will replace Nvidia processors used in all corporate cars. According to Elon Muska, this is the best SoC on the market, offering up to 21 times more efficiency than green solutions. We needed to know a lot of performance specifications and data, and by the way, we could see Jensen Huang's answer, which accused his current partner of manipulating information during the show.

Tesla announced that she would create her own layout a few years ago, and so far she had to use the solutions of her partners. system FSD He solved this problem and made sure that all the vehicle manufacturer's requirements regarding the functionality of the device were met. The introduction of the processor itself was so interesting that for the first time in a long time Tesla managed to bring the product in line with the schedule. Moreover, during the show the layout was described more than a month ago Drives S and Model X, and Cars 10 days can also be found in Model 3.

FSD is a pretty interesting piece of silicon on its way. The processor is produced in a 14 nm FinFET process at Samsung's American factory, and its size is 260 mm2On board there were 260 million targets and 6 billion transistors. The system comes with 32 MB of SRAM memory and two 96×96 Mul / Add matrices at 2 GHz clock speed and with 36 TOPS performance. Additionally, we find a 1GHz clock that supports FP32 and FP16 computing and delivers 600 GFLOPS performance. The addition is a 12-core, 64-bit ARM processor with A72 cores running at 2.2 GHz.

According to Tesla, his new product is to offer 21x higher performance than the current Nvidia processor, although it costs only 80% of the price of the latter. It is true that current consumption has increased from 57W to 72W, but for such a leap in data processing speed, this is not a big difference. In each car is mounted a PCB with built-in two FSD systems.

Interestingly, Nvidia referred to the message, which first congratulated Tesla for their agreement, but then accused her partner that disinform the publicHere you have to admit that the green is right this time. As we mentioned, Tesla claims that its layout is 21 times more effective than the Xavier unit. However, the company compares it here a computer with two FSD chips for one Nvidia processor,

Greens believe that this kind of statement is inappropriate, and Tesla makes some other mistakes in the case. Xavier is expected to offer computing power of 30 TOPS instead of 21 TOPS, as shown in the presentation. In addition, they were compared to each other the entire autonomous driving system with a processor that is only responsible for assisting the AutoPilot functionSo, according to the green FSD, the computer has to be combined with the Nvidia Drive AGX Pegasus platform, which offers 320 TOPS performance, but it also spends up to 5 times more power than the competitor's product.

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