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The Greek island is exaggerated by the prices. € 68 for a glass of medium – Business


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If you are going to a bar or tavern on the Greek island of Mykonos, you must first study the menu and the dishes.

Mykonos has become a celebrity island / photo. DW / D.Simeonidis / Deutsche Welle

€ 98.50 per serving of octopus? On the picturesque Greek island of Mykonos is the highest price received. No wonder the beaches are called Paradise or even Super Paradise, the only question is who is paradise for whom.

Prices can be sky high, fueled by foreign celebrities, influencers and sports stars who like to spend their vacations in Mykonos and have no problem paying a glass for a whopping $ 68. It's just the barrier prices for normal tourists who then vent their anger on social media.

Invoice invoice

"Avoid this restaurant from a distance because it is a trap," wrote an American tourist named Ciscorock in May this year on the travel portal and Instagram Tripadvisor. He described going to an oyster bar in the southwestern part of the island. The evening he spent with his friends, as the order suggests, was not crazy: six beers, three salads, two bottles of water, one tomato juice and six octopus servings. The € 836.20 bill was crazy about that.

"By no means do you go there, it's no joke!" Tsiskorok wrote.

Over a thousand Tripadvisor users thanked him for this warning, a further 290 rated the site as "terrible", but 552 users gave it the best "perfect" rating.

Excessive price links

These reports prompted German broadcaster Kabel eins to decide to investigate all the matter and send a television crew to the island to see if anyone really smokes people in the bottle.

Reporter Peter Gisell was not easy to come to the truth. When he came to the restaurant with the crew, the owner did not want to talk to them and threw the crew out the door. Then the police intervened – as Giselle reported – and even stopped the whole team for a while, demanding the camera and film material. "The situation was unpleasant," the journalist admits.

On the other hand, Greek restaurant owners have told their version of the story to an American tourist. “There were nine of them and they ordered 4 pounds of octopus. The product was fresh and cost 100 euros per kilogram. Our restaurant is the best in the whole area and offers the highest quality items, "the Greek explained.

Everything is fine

As the history of the excessive bill gained publicity, the premises were also inspected by tax inspectors, but found no shortcomings. "Prices are actually high, but they are all in black and white on the map."

The adventures of American tourists in Mykonos were not an isolated incident. Other tourists are also surprised by the island's stunning prices: a T-shirt for € 250, a water main and two drinks for € 300. For the entrance of the Greek singer Antonis Remos' concert at the beach bar, guests paid 1500 euros per person last week without consumption.

Such prices are not in breach of the regulations if they are clearly stated. Only those who read menu cards and cocktails before ordering can avoid unpleasant surprises.

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