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The iPhone X exploded … during iOS updates

Thursday, November 15, 2018 06:27, Written by Amadeusz, a Cyganek
iphone burning
Maybe it's not better to act?
We regularly complain that updates to the next cellular operating system appear too late or too rare. Damn owner iPhone X, Rahel Mohamad, won't be good at remembering the last one updates for the latest iOS distribution with number 12.1.

During the iPhone update, the standard iPhone X is connected to the charger to avoid confusion with accident. According to the equipment owner, it was at the end of the update process, gray smoke coming out of the device. When finished, and the iPhone reboots, everything runs faster. Black clouds of smoke and fire appear above the equipment, which – as you can see in the image – quickly digest individual components of the smartphone.

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The unlucky device was sent to Apple's headquarters, and the Cupertino group had begun an investigation into the case. This is not the first time the iPhone has caught fire – so far caused by battery damage or due to incorrect charging operations (or using non-original accessories). This case is interesting because the wrong update process can cause confusion.

There are many indications, however, that even if this happens, it is rather an incidental case. An update for iOS 12.1 has been done by many Apple smartphone users and no major problems have been reported. Still waiting for the results of the investigation.

source: Apple Insider

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