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"They say my dad had gambling and drug problems. David's search for the greatest in history

Police officers and their officers, including firefighters and WOT soldiers, check hundreds of hectares for another day. Demand for 5-year-old David continues from nights from Wednesday to Thursday for almost 90 hours. Employees resume activities carried out in dense subdivisions on Sunday morning near the Konopa crossing of the A2 motorway.

Dawid was taken by his father from Grodzisk Mazowiecki around 17 on Wednesday. According to the police, the same day before, 21 his father took his life, throwing himself under the train. The 5-year track is lost.

Over 3,000 searched ha

– These are the biggest searches in the history of Polish police, because at this point we are already talking about searching for more than 3,000. hectares using GPS. We use all the equipment, just as helicopters fly every day, the drones fly, "said Warsaw police spokesman, Commander Sylwester Marczak.

As highlighted by the KSP spokesman at the Hlebna conference near Grozsky Mazowiecki, a few hundred police officers from the preventive departments and criminal departments are involved in the search. Desiring inhabitants also joined the search.

All areas identified by police officers are checked for a few days. Police officers and their services on Wednesday look for them until dusk. As Marcak explained, service activity ends before sunset, because when it is dark there is too much risk of omitting an important trace. At night the police continue to collect and analyze the incoming information on the case.

Marcak pointed out that there is no time for residents to receive further information. "Much of this information confirms our previous findings," he said.

"Several hundred hectares for inspection"

Marcak asked if the police suspected that he would find traces from David – whether near or near Grozsky or Warsaw, he replied that the route – and the passage, and the passageway of Father David – was precisely what the police knew. – We have literally broken minutes. That is why the places where we operate are not accidental. These are the places where David is most likely to leave the car, "Marcak said. He explained that these places were marked in great detail, controlled, divided into sectors and checked in detail.

He explained that teams looking for terrain have GPS. – We see the terrain that has been tested exactly in our systems. We guarantee that nothing has been missed in the place, "he assured him.

He said that so far over 3,000 have been checked using GPS equipment. hectare. He added that if we add the areas searched by the police officers of the criminal departments, "we can safely say that he is already 4,000 hectares." He added, however, that there are "several hundred hectares to check". He did not want to say when the activities would be completed.

Marcak added that police are using all available methods in search of a child. He pointed out that in addition to washing the area, the police used state-of-the-art technology, analyzed data from telephones, prepared detailed judicial analyzes. "We can not talk about everything," he said.

"He chose a solution from the last categories"

Guest Polsat News, Theresa Gens pointed out that she did not recognize her father David but remembered having had an emotional conversation with the boy's mother, then sent her an SMS that she would not see her son anymore.

"No doubt sending SMS and suicide shows that he has chosen a decision from the ultimate category," she said.

According to her, "it is very possible" that the person had a suicidal personality. – This is the guy who counts as one of the suicide decisions in the script. If something does not work in my life, she can commit suicide, "Gens said.

According to her, if the services are searching through excavations, they allow the script that David is dead.

"The child has a strong instinct for self-preservation"

"I think if a healthy 5-year-old is abandoned, there's a good chance he'll be found. The child has a strong self-preservation instinct, he will try to get out of a difficult situation, "Gens said.

"But maybe my dad gave it to someone. And in that hope, "she added.

The expert mentioned his conversation with the owner of Grozdsk, a "serious person" who knows well. "There was a customer in her shop who heard Father David talking to a nursery. At that time, he would say he would not be a kid in a facility for a long time because he's leaving, "Gens said.

She explained that the interviewee is not sure whether she is talking about going abroad. The expert provided this information to the services.

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