Sunday , August 1 2021

Tighten the law. 5,000 PLN and restrictions on the freedom to run dogs without straps

Amendments to the Violation Code, which have now taken effect, have sharpened penalties for ignoring dangerous dogs. What does the recipe say? The dog owner, who lets him walk on the road, stays on property without a fence, and this threatens the health or life of others, can be fined up to 5,000. PLN and even restrictions on freedom.

– Of course, stricter criminal sanctions will affect owners to care for their four-legged animals. Remember that the dog owner is obliged to look after him while walking – said lawyer Piotr Majchrzak.

To guard dogs that are not right, that is, to let them get out of their ropes while walking, or to keep property unstoppable, until now only PLN 250 has been threatened.

The fact that higher penalties affect public awareness, said Robert Kornalewicz. – Of course, higher penalties will affect behavior to a certain extent. That must be the main goal – he commented.

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