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Tomasz Simonyak about Kaczynski's tapes in fact after facts

First of all, it is a testimony of integrity, and it is now threatened by the court, "said former Defense Minister and former Deputy Prime Minister Tomas Simonyak in" Facts After the Facts of the TVN24, "assessing the reaction of law and justice to the so-called Kachin cartridges. According to the Citizen Platform politician, PiS and President Jaroslaw Kaczynski "have completely lost their way."

Gazeta Wyborcza has published two transcripts this week from talks with PiS President Jaroslaw Kaczynski, Austrian businessman Gerald Birgelfner and two others. These concern the construction of a skyscraper in Warsaw by the Srebra company, related to law and justice. According to GW, there were 19 such conversations.


Siemoniak: An ambiguous and embarrassing situation

The publication and its follow-up were commented on in "Facts After Facts" by Tomasz Siemoniak (PO).

– The president of the bank by phone, the president promises a loan for a very dubious endeavor … I think that for the owners of Pekao SA, that is, for the state, for the government, this is a very vague and very intimidating situation – the platform politician commented on one of the talks "tapes" Kaczynski ".

According to the guest of Facts after Facts, this is not a normal situation where the leader of the ruling camp "deals with the business in his office."

"There has been no such situation since 1989 and there is no such situation in other countries," says Tomas Semyonak. He added that PSI chairman Jaroslav Kaczynski "is in a huge trap".

"Integrity certificate" and threatening court

"The PiS is completely lost, and the president with him because he boasts first of all that he is such a business shark, that he is such a witness of honesty and now threatens the court," said the former head of the Department of Defense. According to him, law and justice have no idea how to react to the scandal in which Jaroslaw Kaczynski was at the center. The opposition politician has suggested that the PiS itself may not know what the next unpublished cassettes are.

"It is impossible to defend the fact that the head of their party, the president, deals with such businesses," Simonyak said. He noticed that it was not known what happened there (at the PiS headquarters) for 25 years what other talks were taking place there. "

"If PiS is a Democratic Party, they have to change their boss by telling him that his business in the office of the party president is so busy that there must be a change," Simonyak said. He admitted that this is impossible because "they are all hostages and they will sink with him." "This is the private party of President Kaczynski," the former deputy prime minister said.

The guest of Facts after the Facts drew attention to the frequency of meetings between Jaroslav Kaczynski and the Austrian entrepreneur, which would happen 20 times a year.

"The question of how many times he met his ministers at that time," he said rhetorically. "It turns out that the president does not deal with Poland but with his own interests," he added.

"Fatal mistake"

President Jaroslaw Kaczynski turned to a pre-trial summons to the Civil Platform and Richard Petru, in which he expects the apology for post-publication comments. He also wants an apology from Gazeta Wyborcza, Agora SA, for being "suspected of committing a crime."

The former Deputy Prime Minister said Kaczynski's lawsuits were a "fatal mistake," because the PSI chairman had to take into account the fact that "the testimony of the court will be testified by his driver and secretary who are the leadership of the company he will testify for your cousin, or for all your cousins, daughters, cousins, cousins ​​and their testimony – according to Simonyak – may prove to be "crushing" for the chairman of the PiS.

"We hope the prosecution will work"

Siemoniak also refers to the prosecution applications filed in this case by the Civil Platform.

– We hope the prosecution will work. These are so obvious facts that you can not put them under the carpet, "he said.

"The Prosecution and the Monetary Council have become political instruments"

"It's about attracting public attention," said Stefan Nisialovsky, "explains Simonyak, referring to the allegations of corruption addressed to the deputy chairman of the PO.

On Saturday, the Lodz court ruled that two businessmen, Bogdan W. and Wojciech K., suspected of giving Niesiołowski a personal benefit in the form of arranging and paying for sexual services, would be arrested for three months.

According to Simonyak, "if we hear from the former head of the Central Anticorruption Bureau that the materials are ready to be handed over to the prosecutor's office three years ago, and suddenly during the week in which Poland lives, writing to the president (editor-in-chief) that it is to distract the public.

"This is a fatal method that shows that the Prosecutor's Office and the Central Anticorruption Bureau have become political instruments. Someone had been wondering for three days, to distract the president's tapes, he was "pulled from the 2015 shelf" and thrown, "he said.

Call serious people

"This is a call from serious people," the former head of the Ministry of National Defense told the statement signed Friday by a group of former prime ministers and former heads of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs calling for a broad list of European Parliament elections.

The conference was attended by Gheorghe Schehena, Eva Kopac, Volodymyr Tsimoshevich, Jerzy Buzek, Leszek Miller, Marek Belka, Kazimir Marcinkevich and Radoslav Sikorski.

"These are the authorities. They say, "Let's go together, let's move the PiS away from power in Poland to Europe." This is our raison d 'etat, "explained Simonyak.

According to him, the significance of this event "is really great, especially after this terrible January in Polish politics."


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