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Top Model 2018 – who was arrested from this program?

Top Model
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Top Model

Top Model – the 10th episode of the 7th edition gave us extraordinary emotions. What happened and which participants said goodbye to this program?

Top Model – who left the program yesterday? Which participant Top 7 Model Editions he must say goodbye to the show at Episode 10? More aspiring models are placed on very difficult and demanding tasks. What did the judges bring to them this time? check, what happened in the 10th and broken episodes of Top Model 11/11/2018.

Top Models: 7 of the most controversial actions related to Polish edition of events

Top Models 7 – ep. 10: what happened?

The final is getting closer to the end, which is why the atmosphere in the model house is getting tense. The program participants must really appear to win the jury's heart. Especially because this time the jury decides who will go to fashion week! In episode 10, the models took part in a very unusual session. It's not enough that they have to stand in front of Marcin Tyszka's own lens, that when they photograph them … covered with paint! The participants also visited their relatives. What's more, they must appear on the catwalk with them! Special guests from this program are Joanna Przetakiewicz, designer and founder of La Mania fashion house.

Top Model – who left the program yesterday?

Who came out and who made it to Fashion Week to Los Angeles? The judges have decided that Szymon Reich and Olivia Zasada will say goodbye to the program.

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