Wednesday , January 20 2021

Trading networks warn against brexit without a contract

Managers of the largest supermarket chains and fast food restaurants warned on Monday of the consequences of the UK's unlawful leaving the European Union, pointing to the "significant" risk of a drop in quality and a simultaneous increase in food prices.

In a joint letter signed by British Retail Consortium, Sainsbury & Marks & Spencer and Co-Op and McDonald's, KFC and Price A Manger, it was noted that these companies in almost one third rely on food imports from the European Union.

As indicated, 90% of lettuce, 80% of tomatoes and 70% of fruit go to the UK from the 27 countries in the winter.

"We are extremely concerned that our customers will be among the first to experience the reality of the non-consensual Brazilian relationship, we are expecting a significant risk of maintaining the current choice, quality and durability of customers expected by our stores and the inevitable pressure on prices – high transport costs, loss of value (British) currency and customs "- was written.

Brexit without agreement?

Turning directly to members of the House of Commons, business representatives called for "working together with (other members) in parliament to find a urgent solution to avoid the shock of non-consensual brasification on March 29, and to eradicate these threats to British consumers ",

In the absence of a majority vote on the exit from the EU or an alternative solution proposed by Prime Minister Teresa May, according to the exit procedure described in Art. 50 of the EU Treaty, the United Kingdom will automatically leave the Community without a contract at midnight from 29 to 30 March.

This would likely lead to serious difficulties in international trade, food and drug supply problems in the UK and would disrupt the European supply chain, for example in the automotive industry.

Among the possible scenarios of emerging from the impasse are: repeating the vote in parliament after obtaining additional EU political guarantees, extending the exit procedure from the Community under Art. 50 of the Treaty, leaving the EU without a treaty, organizing a second referendum or written early parliamentary elections.

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