Sunday , June 13 2021

TVN launches a bomb that will leave you alone. Scandal with all of Poland

TVN shocked all Poles by sharing a report that appeared on TVN24. The scenes shown in it were shocking, and certainly when they saw them, many people refused to eat. The journalists fired a real bomb. They have found a terrible scandal across Poland that affects almost all of us.

TVN released a real bomb that shook millions of Poles before it was posted on air. Journalists from the radio station have found a terrible scandal across Poland that has reached a giant scale, and its consequences certainly – even unintentionally – hit millions of Poles.

It all began with a little mention of the slaughter of sick cows and elemental material, which announced the report that had just been broadcast on TVN 24. It turns out that journalists from the station have met a monstrous scandal that should never happen. The consequences can affect the health of millions of people.

TVN journalist hit a terrible scandal

The TVN journalist decided to take a bold step – he was hired at a Mazean slaughterhouse to make sure there was a violation of the law and the scandalous attitude to the so- "Sunbeds" so cows that are sick and not suitable for sale.

"I worked in a slaughterhouse to document and show the brutal and inhumane way of producing meat from diseased and dead cows. I invite you to the TVN's Supervisor's report – Patrick Scepanyak writes in his Twitter.

The entry instantly generates huge emotions and stunts millions of Poles. Full format of the report was presented today on TVN24 and definitely many people have decided to eat after it.

Station officials told reporters that there are many factories in Poland that specialize in slaughtering diseased and dying cattle, which then go to the shelves of the shops and then to our slabs. It has also been highlighted that over the Internet you can find over 600 ads from people who want to buy and sell the so-called lying animals.

This is a true golden vein – the gain per kilogram of healthy animals is only 30 grams. In the case of sick cattle per kilogram, 2 zlotys have already been won. In this way, even small specialized trade plants that are not suitable for consumption of cattle can receive up to 350,000 zlotys per year.

The informer directed Patrick Scepanyak to one of those factories where he was employed as an employee. Initially, he was not in contact with the sinister, illegal practice, but over time he managed to get to the truth. He has recorded dozens of bluish and even green scales of meat, often with cut fragments and disgusting smelly.

It turned out that, together with the team of the Supervisor, he opened a scandal across Poland because there were slaughtered sick and dead cows, from which the meat was then sent to the shelves.



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Terrible scenes of sowing cows on TVN24

The report was titled "The Bone Livestock I Purchased" and showed a terrifying practice practiced in one of the Masovian slaughterhouses. The screens saw barely living, sick animals that were brought into the hall with an electric winch. They were brought into trucks with scandalous conditions. Then they were brutally killed without the presence of a veterinarian, and we can not lie – the meat from them went to the shelves without realizing the victims of this shocking case, so unfortunately there are millions of Poles. The investigation further revealed huge gaps from professionals who need to monitor the whole process. Slaughterhouses and vets have won huge sums for this activity.

Eventually, TVN's team returned to the scene of shocking camera events, recording scandalous conditions and calling the police. Meanwhile, the slaughterers tried to clean the floor and hide any irregularities. On the scene appeared the vet veterinarian who claimed to know nothing about the whole practice. The finishing cows passive and transported for recycling were only in the morning. Eventually, the slaughterhouse was closed by the Prosecutor's Office.




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These scandals shocked Polish politics!

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