Monday , November 29 2021

Twitch End – Ninja Goes to the Mixer! –


Last night, a mysterious video appeared on Neville's Blevins profile in Neal, indicating that today we will see a big announcement about the popular streamer. As it turned out, the American did not release his supporters in raspberries, because he reportedly announced important news to the world.

The 28-year-old has so far been identified with running a Twitch show, but that chapter in his career has just ended. Blevins has announced that it is launching a collaboration with Microsoft's Mixer platform. The Ninjas decision is quite surprising, after all, the player has been very successful on his current platform. Last year, the American was the longest-running streamer, he beat the single-player record, and his Twitch profile is currently viewed by over 14.7 million people. But as the translator himself explains, switching to a new page was "a good opportunity to get back to your roots as well as remember why he fell in love with streaming."

Blevins also assured that changing the platform will not affect his style of transmission at all, because it will continue to be managed by the same Ninja. The 28-year-old Mixer's first stream will take place tomorrow from 7:00 pm Polish time and will be run by the Lollapalooza Festival Music Festival. You can watch it at this address,

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