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Wach about strange behavior. "They tear his head"

Mariusz Wach believes that Artur Szpilka is not himself, which is the effect of working with a psychologist. – I see that he wants to say something, condemn me, or push me away, but he stops – comments from rival "Szpili".

Robert Czykiel

Robert Czykiel

/ Kamil KrzaczyĹ „ski
/ In the picture: Artur Szpilka before the fight

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On November 10 at Gliwice Arena we will see a Polish boxing match. Artur Szpilka will face Mariusz Wach and it is a struggle for the two boxers, who will determine their future. Therefore, it is not surprising that they did their best to enter the ring in life form on Saturday.

For many people, the "Szpil" behavior might be surprising. A boxer from Wieliczka, known for his impulsive character, has remained calm this time. He did not attack opponents in the media, and there was no short circuit at the press conference. For Wach, this is a surprise.

– Artur knew how the fight ended when he committed violence against them. Now that he works with a psychologist, he has his advisor and they might advise him not to talk too much. I saw that he wanted to say something, curse me, or push me away, but he brake. He was sweating, the pressure surged. A voice on his head told him: "No, Arthur, you can't do that, calm down." Is that just a good approach? – said Wach in "Super Express."

"Wiking" thinks that Szpilka is not himself. He did not approve of this and mocked his rival.

"They threw their heads … He did not know for himself whether he would be a cat, pin, or someone else. I would not be surprised if he entered the ring under the guise of a cat. I did not know what was in his head, but his advisor did such a destruction so it's a shame to talk – he added.

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