Wednesday , July 28 2021

"Why did we need it?" In September you will be alone!

Teachers do not leave a dry thread on Slavomir Bronyaz! In social media they call it "traitor" and "strike." Many teachers also ensure that they will not join the September strike, which is not excluded by the Polish Teachers' Union.

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This decision of the PNA for many teachers, who, consciously and discreetly, strikes on April 8, is much more humiliating than cynical contempt and disregard for the government of the government. Mr. Bronyaz, in September you may find that you will be able to hit … SAM.

– writes one of the teachers quoted by the profile "Strike Gazeta".

FOUR: The FNA leaders lost because they allowed the strike to be politicized. If they want to overthrow the government in September, they can trigger revolutionary changes

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