Tuesday , July 27 2021

Wojciech Cejrowski in the vision of burning the EU flag. "This isn't on TV"

Michał Rachoń, the host, began a conversation with Cejrowski from memories of fires in the US. – In America, there is fire, but there are also fires in Poland. I will tell you today what is impossible in America. Well, it's impossible for this extraordinary event that guests on Independence March burned an EU flag, then the police appointed the prize and they took it themselves – Cejrowski said.

– In America you can burn logotypes, but even the American flag will be able to burn yourself, become Poland, because that is a property, that's the object – Cejrowski said. In the program version provided by TVP Info, after the words of the travelers followed Rachonia's comments, which claimed that similar scenes (burning flags) were often seen.

"This is the type of logo"

Records provided by Wojciech Cejrowski, however, are longer. You can see on it (around 1:30), as a tourist smokes paper and then flags the material with the symbol of the European Union, ensuring that he has the right to do so, because "This is not a country flag". – These are the types of logos from organizations such as McDonald's – Cejrowski's claim.

At that time you can hear Rachonia's telephone ringtone, which has been shown by TVP Info. – I don't know who is calling you now, to intervene in this matter, which happened here – Cejrowski commented with a smile. Coach explained that he received a telephone number from England.

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