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Zen 2 processors are immune to all known hardware vulnerabilities

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Piotr Urbanyak

Fully safe and hardware – these are the new AMD Ryzen 3rd Generation Processors based on the Zen 2 Micro-architecture. The manufacturer has revealed the spread of mitigation measures applied. Includes hardware patches for all known vulnerabilities.

As you know, unlike Intel devices, Ryzen's current models really only struggle with two mistakes. Spectrum V1, i. the ability to retrieve information from another process from the user process, and Spectre V4 – an extremely similar attack, but using a speculative performance queue.

Both of these AMD sensitivities were programmatically crossed into the AGESA microcodes. However, according to the manufacturer, Zen 2 systems will receive additional hardware security.

What does it matter? So, patches reduce the nominal capabilities of the unit to a lesser extent. Though it must be recognized that AMD patches have never been a particularly resource-intensive, and older models of Ryzens do not lose them in particular.

Either way, removing the problem at the hardware level is a good sign for AMD. The lion's share of mitigation measures in the 9th generation Intel Core processors are still software fixes. The list includes, among others, just Specter V4, but also Specter V3a, MDS and recently discovered RIDL.

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