Thursday , October 28 2021

A suspected case of measles in the city


The mothers of the children attending Deolinda Cenedes Elementary School and kindergarten were concerned about the health of their children, as the baby treated at the unit was suspected of measles. The Municipal Education Secretariat did not confirm the information. He explained that epidemiological surveillance in Piraricaba reports that no measles cases have been confirmed in the municipality so far.

Children are vaccinated. "When I arrived with my children, I was a little confused. The Health Post nurse was already there to vaccinate the children. She said that even those who already had the vaccine had to be immunized again. I signed. My girl was taken with five months and it will be one year, I left it because the nurse said it was okay to repeat the dose, "said the mother, who asked not to be identified.

She also said that everything is cleaned and that the mattresses are placed in the sun as a preventative measure. "The child who gets sick is not in my daughter's room," he said. Another mother reported that all children who went to kindergarten last Friday (9) were vaccinated and given a booster dose. "The case is still suspicious, but they have intensified it," he said.

Cases are growing

The State Department of Health announced in a July 31 newsletter about measles that Piracababa was among the cities that reported suspicious cases. 967 measles cases have been confirmed nationwide. 4138 suspicions were recorded, 513 were dismissed and 2 588 cases were under investigation. In one week there was an increase of over 60% in the state. During the previous week, 464 confirmed cases were reported.

"Among the confirmed cases, 45% are people between the ages of 15 and 29. The age groups with the highest risk of disease are among people under one year, one to four years, and 15 to 29 years. ", reports the Epidemiological Bulletin of the São Paulo Epidemiological Surveillance Center, with data from 31 July.

The Secretary of State for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities issued a warning to the population about the increase in measles cases and stressed the importance of protecting and receiving the vaccine for prevention. According to the paste, measles can have consequences such as blindness, deafness and reduced mental capacity.

The measles virus is highly transmissible. According to the Center for Epidemiological Surveillance, transmission occurs six days before and four days after a rash (red spots on the skin) occurs. The agency also reported that statewide vaccination coverage in 2018 was 90.3% (first dose) and 81.3% (second dose), and this year it was 74.7% and 63%, respectively. respectively.

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