Sunday , July 25 2021

Announced a new DLC for Unlimited Space 2 • Portuguese Players

Who accompanies the projects Amplitude Studios, already familiar with the rhythm of launching new content, which consists of the launch of a simpler DLC, among major expansions, often carrying new races, shows, music, among others.

Last Thursday (15) the studio repeated this system when announcing the DLC, Harmonious Memories and Heavenly World for Unlimited Space 2.

Harmonious Memories bring along the original soundtrack first Endless space with a compilation of nine songs specially selected by composers FlybyNo. According to him, this new musical content is a personal choice of nine of his favorite songs from the first game, reorganized with new instruments and music artists. In addition, this DLC also includes a Harmony Hero FES2 Reflect, a hero who decides to accept Dust as a natural part of your life.

Already Heavenly World add new narrative lines from missions with 14 chapters, 2 new single planets, 6 new weapons modules and 8 upgrades to the empire, plus some endings.

Unlimited Space 2 available on Steam for € 39.99. In the case of DLC, both Celestial Worlds and Harmonic Memories are available with a 10% discount on November 22 for € 2.69 (after this period, they will be charged € 2.99).

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