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Bentley debuted what Renault has been offering for years – an observer

Bentley has just introduced the third generation of its high-performance Grand Turismo (GT), Flying Spur. Proving that good can be even better, the four-door "mano" of the Continental GT looks richer and refined, but focuses more on combining state-of-the-art technology with the touch that only the hands of the master can give .

Described by Bentley as "the most advanced luxury sports sedan in the world," the new Flying Spur remains faithful to the stylistic language of the brand, featuring exclusive LED matrices with a crystalline effect using chrome reflectors. In the rear there are new optical bands, while in the profile view the British sedan has 21-inch wheels (22 with a new design as an additional Mulliner).

Displaying a new interpretation of the winged "B" embodying the manufacturer's emblem, the new Flying Spur aims to mark the "beginning of a new era". A New Age in which Bentley wants to stand out not only for luxury and quality, but above all for the technology it offers its chosen customers. Therefore, in this third generation, the English sedan will install a new chassis in aluminum and composite materials, in addition to maintaining a 48V electric system. This expedition, launched at the Volkswagen Group via the Audi A8, is responsible for moving the active stabilizers, a technology that debuted at the top of the German range and which Bentley Bentayga can accept. It is absolutely new to introduce, for the first time in Bentley, a four-way system supported by the same 48V electric unit.

In addition to providing greater road stability, electronic four-wheel control facilitates low-speed maneuvering, making it particularly useful in the city. The rear wheels turn in these conditions in a direction opposite to the front, significantly reducing the angle of rotation, making parking easier and faster, for example. Another advantage of this technology is that when driving at a more lively pace, the rear wheels turn in the same direction as the previous ones, giving more security and stability when overtaking and changing the tracks of Flying Spur.

The first brand, which tried to take advantage of the benefits of the four-wheel steering system, was the Honda with the 1987 Prelude 4WS. But it took Renault for more than 20 years to change its mechanical system. four-wheel drive, a decision that debuted in Laguna in 2008 and which was "democratized" by 2015, in the fourth generation of Mégane, with all GT versions, to enjoy the 4Control series.

Proven advantages of managing the four wheels of a common brand, builders quickly premium tried to offer technology with the same principle, albeit more sophisticated. This is the case for manufacturers with a more sporty slant, such as Ferrari with 812 Superfast or GTC 4 Lusso. In the Volkswagen group, Audi already has a series of four-wheel drive models (A8, A7, A6 and Q7) and Lamborghini has introduced the system for both the Aventador S and Urus SUV. Interestingly, Rolls-Royce still does not integrate this solution despite the group it belongs to already being offered in the BMW 5 Series and the 7 Series. This means that Bentley has thus managed to predict its rival and compatriot Rolls-Royce .

The new Flying Spur continues to appear under the hood with the already well-known 6-liter W12 dual-turbocharger that Bentley has improved. Crew-assembled in Crewe, the most sophisticated 12-cylinder engine in the world now delivers 635 hp. and 900 Nm, allowing it to cross the barrier of 100 km / h after 3.8 seconds, with the top speed being 333 km / h, against the W12S there are improvements of 625 hp. and 820 Nm; 0-100 km / h for 4.5 seconds; 325 km / h maximum speed. The transmission continues to be the dual clutch and the eight-speed automatic transmission provided by the ZF, which is already equipped with the Continental GT.

Keeping the same height and width, the new Flying Spur increases by 3 cm in length. But where the profit is more obvious than the offspring it replaces is in the wheelbase, which increases by 13 centimeters! In other words, the breadth and the luxuries on board seem to be growing.

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