Monday , September 27 2021

Continuous rain and strong winds. Beatriz arrived in Portugal

Continental Portugal will be affected by Beatriz's depression, a cold front surface that comes from the northwest of the British Isles and it will cause "continuous rain", which will sometimes be strong on the 6th night and dawn on November 7th, this Tuesday and Wednesday and the existence wind in various parts of the country.

The North and Central Region will be most affected, and snowfall is also expected at the highest point of Serra da Estrela.

"The wind will be moderate to strong on the coast, with gusts of up to 80 km / hr, and strong in the highlands, with gusts that will be from 100 km / hr. The South region will have a rainy period from the end of the sixth and morning 7," reports IPMA, and also there will be "moderate to strong winds" along the coast and in the highlands of this area.

On Wednesday, IPMA also expects "increased sea turmoil along the west coast of the continent, with waves 4 to 5 meters northwest."

Despite Beatriz's depression, the temperature will not change much.

Contacted by TSF, CDOS registers Porto only trees that fall, without significant incident.

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