Tuesday , October 26 2021

Diogo Morgado's betrayal of Joanna de Verona is news in Brazil – Boiling


The 29-year-old Joanna de Verona is the latest hire for the Globe, joining Jose Condes, Pedro Carvalho, Ricardo Pereira and Paulo Rocha. The actress was invited to the remake of Eramos Says, a successful soap opera in Brazil, which will star Gloria Pires and Antonio Caloni this time.

But if Jose Graffinia arrives in Brazil with his pristine reputation, so does Joana de Verona. The Brazilian-born actress returns to the land that saw her grow up with news, recalling his controversial affair with Diogo Morgado when he was married. O Dia newspaper, Isto É website and UOL portal recall the story of 2017.

"Behind the scenes, colleagues only remember (…) the" affair "that the actress lived with in the lead character of Ouro Verde, Diogo Morgado (…)," writes columnist Fabia Oliveira.

"The problem is that the boy was very married to a woman named Katia Oliveira. Even pictures of Joanne and Diogo kisses were released. The fact is that even after the betrayal his wife is forgiving. Already, Joanna has seen ships and since then you should avoid colliding in Diogo. Xi … ". This site adds: "Joan got herself into such a mess …".

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