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DJI Launches RoboMaster S1, Educational Robot Teaching Physics, Mathematics and Programming

Mostly, GI, which owns 74% of the world market for consumer drones, has begun RoboMaster S1a educational robotThe main purpose is yes teach mathematics, physics and programming in a different and fun way, so that students can play, learn and practice concepts that are often difficult to get in touch with the real world.

The robot is not ready, the box is there 46 custom components which must be created as a layman. To begin using, the parts must be connected, as the DJI states in the operating instructions. The fact that it can be dismantled also opens the way for releasing future parts and can completely modify S1 with additional equipment (the company has not yet officially mentioned this). In addition to the pieces that make up S1, the box accompanies other equipment that can later be used for games.

S1 is considered to be physics, mathematics and programmingAlthough it already comes with some features, all of them can be modified with programming codes. Supported languages ​​are Python and Scratch, both of which are used in the classical version and are based on the method used to teach codes for children and adolescents.

The robot has six main parts: smart controller (intelligent controller), blaster, two-axis mechanical cardan (Two-Axis Mechanical Cardan) mechanical wheels (wheelchair), high performance engine (high performance motor) and armor with intelligent sensors (Intelligent Report Bumper). See the image below, where each part is distributed:

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Intelligent controller: it is at the top as if it is in the robot's head, uses a processor that maintains low latency and high-resolution image transmission, and is responsible for the execution of the command signals.

Blaster: is on the inside of the robot, just below the main sensor, it uses LED lights to mark the trajectories of putting on its "guns", which are particles of gel and infrared rays. It produces sound effects that aim to simulate a real battle and leave the experience more immersive.

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Two-axis mechanical cardan (two-axis mechanical cardan): this part can be regarded as the "door" of the robot, it has a rotational and sloping range of 540 ° to 65 °. This rotation makes the field of vision of the FPV camera available in the robot larger. The brushless, built-in direct-drive engine works in conjunction with IMU and advanced algorithms that allow precise movements to increase the quality of image transmission.

mechanical wheels (Mecanum wheel): the wheels are responsible for the movement of the robot, each of which has twelve rollers, which causes the movement to be undesired; they have the same properties in all directions. This makes S1 more precise control of the tracks to be traced.

high performance engine: the engine that is present in S1 is the usual M3508I that allows you to change the speed and direction of the robot direction by programming. It even has Hall Hall linear sensors with advanced algorithms that allow precise control. The engine also provides additional safety for improved stability.

Armor with intelligent sensors (intelligent armor): The armor is on the side of S1, it consists of six intelligent armored panels that detect the attack of gel or infrared rays of enemy S1. This part is designed to be used as a defense in combat situations with other robots.

S1 already has programming to do line recognition, (which can be traced to track it), people (which are recognized by the camera and can be followed, for example), eye markers (such as signs or characters), palms, gestures (the recognized gestures also generate actions) and also other robots s1 (which can be used in battles). Trecognition is changed in programming, which allows the actions performed by the robot to be personalized according to the student's wishes.

Programming is done by RoboMaster application which is available from DJI. It can be downloaded to both smartphones and tablets, allowing the student to make changes to the code anywhere.

The DJI RoboMaster S1 is now ready for purchase and can now be purchased by accessing this link. The amount to be charged is $ 499, which, in the direct conversion into the current currency quote without accounting for any tax, is about R $ 1922.

Source: DJI

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