Tuesday , June 22 2021

Ex-moranguita prepares to be Mommy – Television

2019 will be the year when some of the people who started to pose in sugar straw are preparing to embrace maternity or parenthood.

If Jessica Alayde is preparing to become Mom lately, Mimi's ex-girlfriend, Helena Costa, will live in the next six months in real turmoil.

The actress, two weeks after announcing her marriage to businessman Frederico Formigal in July, said she expects her first child, three months pregnant.

Realizing that the upcoming months would bring her some inconvenience, Helena Costa told Corrie to Mancha that "this baby is very desirable. I married in July and since then I've been trying. The sensation was magical to know. I remember doing three tests at the pharmacy to make sure.

Helena Kosta seems to share some pregnancy-related problems with Jessica Alaye, as she is quite uncomfortable, just like her ex-partner. "At Christmas I could not even be with my daughters because I was very tired, always breathless and very bad. Even my center of gravity has changed.

Helena Costa shared with the newspaper that she was forced to change everyday life. "I can not train or ride a motorcycle. But I hope to come back to my normal life briefly.

So far Helena Costa has not known about the baby's sex.

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