Friday , July 23 2021

Gears of War creator to make another game •

Cliff Bleszinski has become one of the most famous figures in the industry thanks to his work at Epic Games.

Known as the leader of the Gears of War series, which will grow to become one of the Xbox's biggest references, Bleszinski decided to pursue the dream of opening his own studio.

The man who revealed Fortnite to the world, long before launching and becoming a current phenomenon, Bleszinski opened Boss Key Productions in April 2014 and began working at Lawbreakers.

As we know, lawbreakers arrived in August 2017 and are extraordinary falhanos, because they cannot survive in a world that surrenders to games like Overwatch.

In April 2018, Boss Key tried to close the match with the Radical Height, a battle royale with an 80s theme, but even that did not stop the studio closing in May this year.

Since then, Bleszinski has spent days writing a book and trying to do what he can to avoid negative things in this industry – away from the "troll" when he mentions it.

However, he continued to receive messages from people who were annoyed with what happened to the game and with money back requests, which made him say that he would never create another game in his life.

"I paid my employees, their 401k, their health plan – even months after the closure of the stadium, so that they could take care of their families," Bleszinski told an angry man.

"I didn't get a salary for myself for two years."

"I understand that you are sad, but God, this kind of crap is another reason why I WILL NEVER make another game."

If you are interested, the 401K, explained by Forbes, is a retirement savings plan that employees can choose to start at work.

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