Tuesday , December 1 2020

"I do not deal with criminals on TV"

After Jose Socrates accused Sergio Moro of acting as a "political activist masquerading as a judge," the Brazilian minister has already responded to a former Portuguese official and said he "does not discuss with the criminals."

"With regard to the person in particular." [José Sócrates]I do not deal with criminals on TV. So I will not comment more, "said Minister of Justice and Public Security Bolsonaroo in an interview with RecordTVEuropa

"Everywhere in the world, it is difficult to tackle these crimes with great corruption involving powerful people. The system is [combater] another kind of crime, but all parties must move forward in this area and face the major corruption, "the former judge said.

"What I observe from a distance in this case of the former Portuguese minister is a work that has been done with considerable effort to find evidence and process [o acusado]"he added.

"There are difficulties with the Marquis," says Moro

"The marquis's process after five years finally has a judge," says Socrates, citing Ivo Rosa

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