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"I really want him to win" – Television

After six months of TVI's premiere, Maria Cherkeira Gomez admits she is very happy in the channel. The leader also said he wanted her partner to win the presidential election of Vitoria de Guimaraes.

"I had the opportunity to do everything. I'm doing the food festival and that's one opportunity after another. I'm very happy to do it, and it's great to be in the studio in the mornings late in the afternoon and to do such a program on Sunday evening, "he told TV7 days, at the interval of the last gala evening" Your Face Not Strangely.

The host on the morning of the channel will take the solo of "You on TV!" For 15 days while Manuel Luis Guca goes on holiday but devalues ​​the situation. "I've been alone many times," she remembers.

What will be more difficult is the fact that he was not in his family so many times in this period as he has done so far. Even because he had to take over the program on Friday, the day he had to leave. However, according to the same edition, Francisco's 16-year-old daughter, born from previous ties, comes to Lisbon each week. But the same does not happen with accompanying Antonio Cardso.

The friend has a limited time after running for president to be president of Vitoria de Guimaraes. A challenge that TVI's 100% support. "I really want him to win and he's doing very well," he says. The elections will take place on 20 July.

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