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ID.3 has not arrived, but has already gained 22,000 customers – Observer


Volkswagen's first new tram, ID.3, succeeded before it was fully known. Advance bookings opened in May for the release, the so-called first edition, limited to 30,000 units. Now, ahead of the official launch of the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, it is known that the German electric hatchback has already won 22,000 potential buyers, whose interest in the acquisition was signaled by a deposit of 1,000 euros.

Marketed in 25 countries, including Portugal, ID.3 1st Edition does not even have a definitive price, knowing only that it will be offered to consumers for less than € 40,000, with exclusive items and energy for one year.

This edition comes in four colors and three versions (1st, 1st Plus and 1st Max) and comes with an intermediate battery pack – exactly the one the German brand believes will be the most sought after. With usable 58 kWh (62 full power), these batteries will allow ID.3 to travel 420 km (WLTP) at full charge, and another advantage of this cart is that it accepts fast charging, varying in power depending on the version. With access to the range – ID.3 with a useful 45 kWh battery (48 in total) and 330 km of autonomy – and in the intermediate version, as in the first edition, the hatchback is ready to accept a 100 kW load at the factory, while the most generous A battery of 77 kWh (about 80 in total) accepts a charge of up to 125 kW, allowing you to announce that it recovers 80% of battery capacity in just half an hour.

ID.3 will start production in November in Zwickau, but delivery of the first units is not expected until the beginning of the second quarter of 2020. By the end of the first half of next year, a more affordable version, also a rear-wheel drive, will come out. will be offered for less than € 30,000. There are still no estimated prices for the larger ID.3 battery, with a range of 550 km, which is the only version that mounts a second electric motor on the front axle, giving it all-wheel drive.

Orders for the first tramway Volkswagen plans to produce on a large scale (100,000 / year from 2020), opened after the Frankfurt Motor Show, where we will learn about the other technical and technological arguments of this convenient Passat Electric Golf . In the meantime, you can see inside the first issue here.

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