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Lenovo uses conceptual video to present the new Motorola RAZR

Although the smartphone was not shown per seIn recent months Motorola RAZR has been subject to several leaks. However, the material revealed so far is not credible, even though it is consistent. Still, she will have conquered Lenovo herself.

According to several sources, Lenovo uses a conceptual video to present Motorola RAZR.

Motorola RAZR folding smartphone Lenovo

Responding to the growing trend of folding smartphones, the Motorola RAZR can be reborn in 2019. It will not be an "old" phone, but a new folding smartphone. But Lenovo is not even sure how it will produce this product well-anticipated by the fans of the brand.

The Motorola RAZR can be the next folding smartphone

Indeed, during a meeting behind closed doors at Lenovo, one participant recorded a few minutes. Here we can see a conceptual video made by a brand fan and a designer sharing his work on YouTube. In other words, Lenovo will use this amateur material.

Meanwhile, we are acquainted with the new bets of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, in addition to Mate X of the Chinese Huawei. In turn, the Motorola RAZR will be the third, foldable smartphone of one of the major manufacturers to be introduced in 2019. This, of course, is supposed to be the product.

Above we can see what an indecisive camera has recorded during one of Lenovo meetings. The video shows us an excerpt from the below, which shows the conceptual version of the folding smartphone. It remains to be seen whether the Chinese technology draws inspiration or it was just a moment of relaxation.

What is the Lenovo Reserve for 2019?

For now, we have some information about Motorola's alleged folding smartphone. Until now, some rumors and some more solid sources have appeared, for example WSJEven so, nothing guarantees that this folding smartphone will hit stores or even be introduced.

For now, we can just wait for new information to know what's been revealed. Finally, although it was an incredible product, as we can see in the video above, unfortunately this is conceptual production.

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