Tuesday , August 9 2022

Need to complete? There are more than 400 stations without fuel


The most The fifth day of the strike of drivers began – with the most isolated National Union for Dangerous Driving Units (SNMMP) – and the coastal region remains the hardest hit by fuel shortages.

According to the platform "No longer ships" to VOSTPortugal, at that moment *, 507 filling stations lacked gasoline, 713 did not have diesel and 64 did not GPL – numbers, moreover, similar to previous days.

In general, emphasize there are 415 petrol stations without fuel, which represents 13.8% of the total population.

It is recalled that in the Emergency Petrol Stations Network (REPA), according to the government's fuel standard, it can only supply 15 liters. In other stations where fuel is still available, it can fill 25 liters.

Next week, we should note that the price of diesel is expected to rise, while gasoline forecasts indicate that prices remain at current,

[*Data[*Dados[*Данни[*Dadosupdated at 11:43 am]

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