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Spotify launches "radio" for drivers, with music and news

Spotify launched on Wednesday (12) a "radio" aimed at drivers who will mix music and information. The word appears in quotation marks because the feature is actually a playlist that collects songs that are user-specific for your personal taste, along with news podcast information, or dealing with everyday affairs.

Despite the name, the Playlist "Your Daily Disc" (or your daily program) can be accessed by everyone, not just by those who drive. However, at least for now, the feature is only available to US users, even if they have access to the service for free. In this case, as with traditional use, ads will also appear between songs and news.

Among the content providers for the Spotify playlist are The Wall Street Journal, NPR and the US public radio, with stories and comments on various factual issues. Contrary to what is happening in other playlists, the content will be updated several times a day, which will include songs, which means that users listening to the return station will listen to different content at both times.

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The news is part of Spotify's strategy with podcasts and informative content, and that is why there is a different approach. However, so far, traffic and weather information is not yet part of your Daily Drive, although another company called Car Thing has one of its goals for including this type of news for users who use the service behind steering wheel.

In contrast to what is usually happening, Car Thing represents an additional step for the company with its entry into the hardware world. The device, which is delivered free of charge to selected Premium users, connects to the vehicle's lighter or USB port and can be activated with voice for playing music and podcasts as well as for collecting location data and other telemetry data for that how the service is used inside the car.

The first tests of your Daily Drive playlist were recorded in early May, and the debut is now a month later. However, there is still no information on the availability of the feature outside the United States.

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