Tuesday , October 26 2021

Spotify to test monthly family plan increase


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Spotify is set to try price increases for its Scandinavian family plan, rising by 13%. According to Bloomberg, the experience will help the company understand whether it is able to apply higher values ​​for its service globally.

The report also shows that value increases should come for good reasons, pointing out that Spotify is a losing company and can lose money at any time, even if it has the largest consumer base compared to its competitors. Ultimately, this is all the more important given the current momentum of a company that is publicly traded on the stock market and is looking for profitability.

Compared to streaming video, Netflix has been able to constantly raise its prices while still maintaining its subscribers over the years. However, there is a difference with Spotify, as the content of Netflix is ​​virtually unique and makes it a good alternative to pay for TV.

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Spotify's Scandinavian family plan costs about $ 15 a month, allowing five people to use the service. Today the streaming platform is the most popular in the world with over 108 million paying users.

Source: Bloomberg

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