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Steve Wozniak asks people to leave Facebook

With constant controversy, Steve Wozniak is well known for being a co-founder of Apple along with Steve Jobs.

Now, Voz has again asked the public to ask people to leave the Facebook social network … for reasons of confidentiality.

Apple's co-founder is concerned about the privacy and security of people. In this sense, Wozniak calls on people to defend themselves and therefore recommends that they leave Facebook.

The statements were made last Friday in Washington on live video for TMZ, and Woz admits there are people whose Facebook benefits offset the loss of privacy, but for many people like him, the recommendation is to find a way out of Facebook.

There are many different types of people and [for] some, the benefits of Facebook are worth a loss of privacy. But for many people like me, my recommendation is - for most people - to figure out a way to get out of Facebook.

Waz also claims that social networks such as Facebook and others should provide consumers with the privacy option even if they pay for it.

People think they have a level of privacy. Why do not you give me a choice? Allow me to pay you a certain amount and keep my date safer and more personal than anyone else who gives it to advertisers.

In the video, Woz begins by saying he feels that it is not possible to stop "espionage" that equipment makes to his users, and he is asked that maybe at this point his cell phone can listen to what he said:

But I do not think we can stop it. But everything about you ... I mean, they can measure your heart with lasers now, they can listen to you with many devices. Who knows if I'm listening to my phone now? Alexa is already in the news.

You can hear Wozniak's words in the following video:

We recall that Steve Wozniak left Facebook for more than a year in April 2018, and in the message he left before deactivating his account, Waz claims he has more negatives than positive and that there are other, safer ways to share. things:

I'm in the process of leaving Facebook. This brought me more negatives than positive ones. Apple has more secure ways to share things about itself. I can still handle the old school email and text messages.

At that time, USA Today, Wozniak argues that Facebook makes money primarily through personal data to consumers:

Consumers provide every detail of their lives on Facebook and ... Facebook makes a lot of money to advertise on this. Profits are based on user information, but users do not get any profit back.

So far, Facebook has not spoken on this issue.

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