Tuesday , October 26 2021

THE BALL – «I dreamed of playing in the first team, but they left me back …» (Manchester City)


In a great interview with BBC Radio, Portuguese international Bernardo Silva, one of the leading figures of the two-time Englishman Manchester City, recalled his time at Benfica, where he completed his training as a player.

"When I was seven, my grandfather and my mother offered me a birthday gift for two months at Benfica schools as a birthday gift. After that, I didn't have to pay more because I was selected to the next level. (…) I only played three games in the first team and then I had to leave for Monaco, because in Benfica they wanted to return to team B. It was difficult, but it was necessary.

– Between the ages of seven and 19, my dream was to reach the first team. But when that happened, I realized that they didn't count on me and even made me play left-back, "recalls the T-shirt of the 20s. citizens,


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