Thursday , June 17 2021

The bulletin indicates the growth of dengue cases in Parana

health 13 02 2019 "width =" 300 "height =" 200The second municipality of Parana entered this week in a dengue epidemic situation. The weekly bulletin presents the emergence of 13 new autochthonous cases of the disease in Lupionópolis, where there are already two.

North – The city is in the metropolitan area of ​​London, where the number of infected has also increased in 41 autochthonous cases, which means that the infection has occurred in the municipality itself. Ura, who was already in an epidemic situation, presents 8 new cases. For this region, the use of smoke to reduce mosquito infection is planned.

in general – Generally, Paraná adds 288 cases of indigenous dengue (193 in the last week). There are 56 municipalities with autochthonous cases and 72 with confirmed cases, although imported.

chikungunya – Due to the outbreak of chikungunya in Para, Paraná has three cases of illness in people who have traveled to that country, one in Foz do Iguaçu, another in Curitiba and another in Medianeira. As for dengue, Fos recorded 25 autochthonous cases and five cases.

care – The State Department of Health is strongly pushing for population awareness so as to act in eliminating the mating sites of the mosquito Aedes egypti, a dengue transmitter. They are reproduced in all kinds of water, in vegetable dishes, in abandoned junk in free places, in bottles, fountains or abandoned objects in the backyard.

proliferation – The spread of the transmitting mosquito increases significantly in the summer. The most serious cases of the disease are usually found in certain risk groups, consisting of elderly people, pregnant women, young children (29 days to 6 months of life), chemically dependent people and people with some kind of previous chronic disease such as hypertension, diabetes, sickle-cell anemia, chronic kidney disease, among others.

guide – The orientation is that everyone is looking for healthcare as soon as they present the first symptoms. Early diagnosis and timely treatment greatly reduce the chances of a worse case.

symptoms – Symptoms are fever accompanied by headache, joint pain, muscle aches and pains behind the eyes or general malaise. These signs can not be despised.

Accumulation of water – The summer, with higher temperatures and rainy climates, leads to water build-up and the development of the mosquito Aedes aegypti, a transmitter of diseases such as dengue, lick, and chicanguage. And those who travel have to double their care to avoid the disease, as in their property, which will be uninhabited, as in the house that is eventually hired for the season. (Parana Information Agency)

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