Tuesday , August 3 2021

The Discovery Star "set" is able to produce one of the biggest explosions in the universe

A team of astronomers have discovered a two-star system encased in a cloud of rotating dust, indicating that one of them is spinning very fast, triggering one of the biggest explosions in the universe, it was released on Monday.

The binary star system is located around 8,000 light years from Earth and detected by a team of international astronomers, and the results are published in scientific journals. Natural Astronomy.

The two stars in question are the Wolf-Rayet class, which is considered the hottest in the universe and which blew the wind & # 39; hot gas, being the last stage of the evolution of stars with larger masses before exploding like supernovae.

Professor Paul Crowther of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Sheffield University said that "it is a mystery like dust – like wax soot – if it forms in such rough conditions, but this newly discovered system is the most beautiful to date."

Wind collisions between two stars cause a cloud of star dust to take a spiral shape as stars rotate around each other.

The team of astronomers has discovered from observations made with telescopes in Chile and Australia that star systems produce winds that are 100,000 times faster than storms on Earth, the statement said.
Sheffield University.

To the TSF, the coordinator of the Planetary Society in Portugal, Miguel Gonçalves, explained that this is "very reguilas star".

They have "an enormous mass and show energetic behavior of mass release, explosion, big and very hard. In one explosion they can emit as much energy as the Sun throughout their lives ", for example.

In relation to Earth, this star can be dangerous, even with a distance of 8 thousand light years in relation to Earth. "Our luck is that these stars are not in harmony with the direction of the Earth", notes Miguel Gonçalves.

Gamma ray explosions, related to supernovae (explosions of dying stars), are considered to be the most energetic explosions in the universe.

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