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the explanations of Mustafa – an observer

Nuno Mendes, better known as Mustafa, a youth leader from Leonid, who was detained three weeks ago in the case of the invasion of the Sports Academy in Alcosa – after he was denied habeas corpus last Thursday by the Supreme Court – speaks for the first time after the prosecution's indictment. In response to Saturday's (closed content) magazine, number 1 – green and white cheerleader denied any kind of deliberation in the act, assures that he did not know that would happen, he rejected the connection of the former chairman of the Bruno de Carvalho with something that had happened and even spoke in a "persecution" that was carried without any justification.

"As for Alcosa, I think the only way I could remove Bruno de Carvalho from Sporting was to connect Juve Leo with the invasion. Bruno de Carvalho was a burden for many. There are 41 indictees, of which 14 are Juveny Leo. Why are you saying he was Yue Leo? Who are the others? he asked. "His knowledge of the events of May 15 is due to the breaking of the secret of justice, and then I learned more, why have you been disguised? The only thing I can guarantee is that no one will come in with me, why should you ask who he did it, "he added.

– The connection [com Bruno de Carvalho] was a relationship between the president and the president, with respect from both sides. There was no regular visit [de reuniões], we met on several occasions, we always accompanied, "he said before specifying the meeting on 7 May, the day after Sporting's defeat in Madrid with Atletico:" Some members asked me to attend the president to show him dissatisfaction with him . In response to his responses, there were fewer responses and remarks against the president. This made him say "Do what you want", but in terms of him it had nothing to do with the players (…) I never wanted to hit players or any damage. "

At the same time, Musta also admitted that joy "I was going to the academy several times to talk, encourage, motivate players for example, a visit in 2016 at a time when Sporting had a bad period ("we talked and encouraged players, no one came out with a hood and no aggression") and emphasized the relationship with the players. own players. "Nani went to my house, I shared a restaurant table with William, Juan Mario, Rui Patricio, Marko Silva, Fabio Coentrau …" he said, referring to the created "friendly ties".

Contrary to what some leaders think, Juve Leo is not just singing and flagging. We are members of the club and we have our opinion (…) Any president, the relationship must be good. As for Frederico Varandas, after a meeting where he said he had many years with me in Sporting, some people tried to destabilize, creating wars that did not exist, "said Leónin youth leader.

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