Tuesday , October 26 2021

The Ministry of Health recommends yellow fever vaccination in the southern region


Before summer 2020, people living in southern Brazil who have not been vaccinated against yellow fever should be immunized. The recommendation is from the Ministry of Health (CU). The Seasonal Disease Action Plan – which has the highest incidence between December and May – reports studies showing the potential pathways of the virus and disease outbreaks, as well as the low coverage of vaccination in countries. from the south.

Babies, children, adolescents and adults should be vaccinated between 9 months and 60 years of age incompletely, the Ministry recommends. "From the age of 60, the risk and benefit assessment should be made by a doctor," says Health Survey Physician Juarez Cunha. The schedule in the official calendar is one dose of the vaccine. In Porto Alegre, vaccination coverage in 2018 was 41.55%. Between January and July 2018 the index was 39.4% and in 2019 reached 46.28%.

In the municipal network, the yellow fever dose is currently available in 137 vaccination rooms at health facilities. "There is no need for planning and the immunobiological stock is normalizing," explains nurse Renata Caponi, head of the SMS Immunization Center.

The ministry also advises that immunization be prioritized among the population of rural, riparian and surrounding parks and nature conservation units, rural workers, agricultural and extractivist and environmental workers traveling to the affected areas, whether workers or tourists, and those residing in areas confirmed circulation of the virus.

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