Monday , November 30 2020

The moment when more controversy arose in the last few hours was "The Throne War" – television

On Monday, the premiere of the second episode of The War of the Thrones and there's already a lot of confusion around the episode, all because Aria Stark is playing Maisie Williams, who participated in a hot sex scene, although the character is described as a child in the book.

The episode sparked so much confusion that in Google many were searches for the age of the person who assured Gendry that he did not want to die virgin. The reason? The fact that it is difficult to perceive the age of the characters (and the actors) and the work on which history is based describes Arya as a child.

Recognizing the excitement that the episode would have created, HBO advanced with a social networking publication where he realized that at the age of 18, much could be done, indicating that Arya was 18 years old.

Already in Entertainment Weekly remarks, the actress who gave Arya's skin said that the screenwriters gave her full freedom to determine how she wanted the sex scene to be recorded with Gendry by choosing something quite modest.

"I do not think it's important that Array is clear. The scene in question has nothing to do with it and almost everyone has already done it in the series, so … "said the actress.

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