Wednesday , July 28 2021

The President of the Portuguese Fire League threatened war against the Government – Observer

The president of the Portuguese Fire League, Jaime Marta Soares, threatened Saturday to make a government war with all forms of struggle in the case of the Civil Protection reform which announced a reorganization of aid in the Portuguese region was announced.

The official spoke on the sidelines of the opening of the National Council in Bragança, pointing out that the meeting took place "in one of the worst moments in the lives of Portuguese firefighters" calling for "unity and taking strong action that made the state Government see that their Portuguese firefighting something ".

Documents to be released from the end of work, in Bragança, will summarize the decisions about the forms of struggle that will be taken against proposals for new organic laws that were held in public discussions and which were approved in the Council of Ministers on October 25, making five emergency orders and regional civil protection and 23 subregions instead of district operations and current assistance orders.

"We will not allow in any situation that these legislative reforms are carried out effectively and imposed on Portuguese firefighters. We will make a notice to the Government, notice that must be considered because they will effectively be a measure of this army of peace and life , but those who are not afraid to fight with those who endanger their peace, "the League president.

Jaime Marta Soares said that in the reforms proposed by the Government "the system was changed only for firefighters, it did not change for other structures and all other structures belonging to the State: GNR, PSP, Army, Navy, Air Force, INEM."

He said that all these structures "had their autonomy, their own administration, only the Portuguese Fire League (which) was a structure of civil society, which was not a State structure, it was one that imposed rules as if they were employees of the State".

"Enough, we have reached the limit. We want an independent, independent national fire department and we want autonomous command from firefighters as well as all other entities," he said, stating that the League defended "the National Civil Protection Authority which has functions like those in Europe and in the world, which are coordinated, and that various partners of the Civil Protection structure have their autonomy. "

Jaime Marta Soares warned that firefighters were "willing to do anything to show" their insurgency and asked the prime minister to avoid this situation, which he described as "the destruction of the entire structure".

"I want to tell the prime minister here that we are not afraid of his decision. We are here Portuguese firefighters to deal with it. And the prime minister must confront us on the road and all places where our presence is demanded effectively and we are not afraid of the government or the Portuguese prime minister, "he stressed.

Jaime Marta Soares also spoke of "betrayal" from the Government for advancing with reform proposals without hearing firefighters and hoping the President of the Republic was "aware" of this situation.

The League president recalled that firefighters responded to "98% of aid in Portugal, up to 95% of forest fires and even in urgent transportation responsible for 85% of what made the National Institute of Emergency Medical."

"We are an element of civil society to defend our country, we are a competent, professional and inexpensive workforce, and maybe the Government has come to the foot to trample Portuguese firefighters, to destroy Portuguese firefighters, to embarrass firefighters Portuguese and we will not say cruelly, "he said.

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