Sunday , September 25 2022

The Xbox family and personal computers need to unite in India's gaming strategy


With Microsoft Xbox Game Studios, representing Microsoft's new gaming identity, rumors have begun to extend the Xbox division to other devices, even those that are not part of the Redmond brand.

Leaks show Microsoft's ability to launch Xbox Game Studios games on other platforms, and even the arrival of services such as Game Pass in the Nintendo Switch and the mobile market.

At this phase, which ends in February, a new rumor raises again the next steps in Microsoft's strategy of uniting the Xbox family with computers in an unprecedented format in gaming history.

According to Brad Sams – The American writer known for this site Thurrott – Microsoft recently introduced the results of some tests to unify its platforms with Windows.

Earlier in February, Microsoft announced the build of 18334, which enabled, among other things, to play Free State Decay for Windows's best gaming experience.

Sam was discovered by downloading disintegration plans for a unified store, the only source of content associated with the Xbox.

This version of Windows State of Decay is not downloaded from the same servers, as Play Anywhere games and game files include files specifically used in Xbox One – which suggests that the download and install process of Games in One will be converted to work the same way in Windows.

Microsoft is working to make it much easier to bring games from Xbox One to the computer, and the process should allow for a simpler concept for game developers.

In addition, the company has not officially reported plans for the next-generation Xbox, but the last note points to the intention to present the same experience on consoles and computers as well as the complete redesign of the computer gaming store.

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