Thursday , October 6 2022

TOPA – Embaló protected by a € 60 million clause (Benfica)


Umaro Embaló has renewed his contract with Benfica by 2024. The 18-year-old has extended equality to the incarnation for another year and received a pay raise award. Benfica, on the other hand, is defending itself from the interest that the Portuguese international for youth teams has already awakened and placed a 60m-euro termination clause near, for example, central defender Rúben Dias. [€66 M], already consolidated into the core team.

The signing of the new bond is proof of Benfica's confidence in Embaló. In January, still on a training contract, the wing was very close to signing for RB Leipzig. He even traveled to Germany, accompanied by businessman Catio Balde, but could not agree with the German emblem, unlike Benfica, who arranged a € 15 million transfer. Embaló returned to Seixal, contributing to the title of National Junior Champion. Last season, by the way, the winger was used in teams B (3 games), under 23 (12J / 2 goals) and junior (20/11).

Embaló is one of the many examples of talent retention expressed in the consistent renewal of contracts and stressed that "it is very important for the club to look at players in formation".

"We have colleagues in the first team and this is a demonstration that Benfica is betting on us. We just have to keep working and doing everything we can to trust the club. Everyone's goal is to reach the first team. In my case, this is also my goal. But I'm not in a hurry. Step by step, I will do my best every day, ”said the young man, speaking to official club channels.

He is part of team B trained by Renato Paiva and hopes to continue to develop. Last Sunday, he scored the winning goal against Estoril in Sex for the first round of League 2.


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