Friday , October 7 2022

Zita Seabra replaced PSD to be a Liberal Initiative mandate


"HToday we have a stagnant country wrapped in a network of interests that extends to all major parties. In these EVENTiTRENDS"I believe that the desire for change that the country needs is in the people of the Liberal Initiative, the people coming from foreign policy with new ideas," he said. Zita Seabra, quoted in a statement by IL.

Zita Sibra has been a member of the Assembly of the Republic since 1975 and 1988.

"When the country was hit by Estado Novo, she was in PCP I found the will to change. When it became clear that this was a failed model and we needed a modern European country, it was in PSD I found this impulse of change, "says the IL representative.

According to Zita Seabra, the new ideas to come up with, "are ideas that have allowed many countries, including countries in the former Eastern Bloc, to develop in recent years."

For Liberal Initiative leader Carlos Guimaraes Pinto, the clerk is "someone who understands Portuguese political reality better than anyone," as a person "who, ever since Estado Novo, has always shown a lot of political courage, even when he shares the opposite ideology. "Of Il.

The head of the list from Porto also adds that it is "an honor" to be able to count Zita Seabra as an agent.

In a press release, the Liberal Initiative explains that the party's primary mission is to protect citizens by presenting themselves as a party "defending liberal ideas and consolidating them at the national level."

IL is running for the first time in legislative elections and will submit lists in all circles.

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